General Details

Ariane® was born from in-depth research into selective photocoagulation (analysis into the thermal reactions of the skin) and from a detailed analysis of the various existing techniques. The result is a high technology machine, totally secured and of an excellent performance, accessible to professionals of the beauty sector.

Safely treat phototypes 1 to 5

With a powerful generator, Ariane® produces light energy at a maximum of 150 joules to treat all even the finest and fairest on skin phototypes 1 to 5, with no risks of burns.

Designed for Salon Use

Efficient treatment: up to 1 flash every second together with a large treatment surface area (7,5 cm²) make the speed of treatment very appealing to professionals.

Filtered and safe light: an absorption filter eliminates any ray from the beam which has no utility or is potentially dangerous, guaranteeing the quality of light energy produced over time.

Profitability: the water cooling circuit ensures the longevity of the lamp and continuous use for high profitability of the machine.


Progressive and Lasting Photoepilation:

A solution offering personalised treatment on all zones of the face and body, even on ingrowing hairs.

  • Comfort
    Thanks to the secured red filter, only the hair is impacted by the flash. The sensation on the skin is painless.
  • Speed
    Rapid, precise treatment of all zones thanks to a large quartz of 7,5 cm² and a treatment speed of up to 1 flash every second.
  • Safety
    Patented equipment certified EC.
    A simple, ergonomic keyboard enabling the selection of the appropriate care parameters and preprogrammed Treatments with no risk of error.
  • Guaranteed Performance
    Eliminate unwanted hair lastingly in just 4 to 8 sessions for your greatest satisfaction! Thanks to the patented process which ensures an optimal stability of fluence (joules/cm²), Ariane® provides efficient and precise treatment.


High-performance, non-invasive treatment. With its secured yellow filter, the beam of light acts on the epidermis and the superficial dermis. Ariane® has quartz surface of 3.5cm², each session will last just 10 minutes with visible results from the first session.

  • Pigmentary marks: eliminates superficial blemishes and evens skin tone.
  • Photoning and anti-age: stimulates the production of collagen to offer the skin new elasticity.
  • Capillary redness: the selective photocoagulation of micro-variscosities causes their contraction followed by natural elimination.

* Treatment available on medical equipment depending on applicable legislation in the coutry concerned.

Function of the Flash Lamp

The Flash Lamp emits a filtered polychromatic light enabling the lasting elimination of unwanted hair and the treatment of imperfections and signs of cutaneous ageing.

Proven Energy

The density of energy emitted per surface unit, or fluence, is an essential element of comparison because it guarantees the quality of treatment. The level of fluence must be sufficiently high and carefully selected to obtain significant results.
With energy of 12 to 18 joules/cm² for photoepilation and from 6 to 18 joules/cm² for photorejuvenation, Ariane® is one of the most effective machines on the market. This equipment benefits from EFB patents guaranteeing energy levels throughout the use of the machine.


IPL EFB beauté® Ariane® model was designed for beauty professionals. This CE material meets all requirements of European directives that concern.

Technical Specifications
Ariane® Tactile
Maximum frequency of repetition Up to 1 flash per second
Length of flash 2 to 100 ms
Functional mode Mono and multi-impulsions
Number of programs 40
Duration of an applicator 30 000 to 60 000 flash options
Double filter system > Optical absorption filter
> Water filter system
Water cooling system Yes
Power supply 230/115/100V AC +/-10% 8/16A, 50/60Hz
Dimensions 37 x 54 x 97 cm
Weight 46 kg
Compatible applicator HR, RHR, SR
Maximum preset programs 40
Surface treated per flash 3.75 cm²
Wave length 475 to 1100 nm
Phototypes 1 to 5
Comfort option(1) “fair hair” 530 to 1100 nm
Comfort option(1) “dark skins”

* for information       (1) depending on the country

Salon Assistance


Our machines are designed for professionals having followed a theoretical and practical training course on the principle of selective photocoagulation including the protocoles advised.
This training course, supervised by EFB beauté® and rewarded with a certificate, provides you with the knowledge necessary to carry out the best possible treatment with maximum safety.


Financing options are provided by the manufacturer to enable you to invest according to your budget. Please enquire if you would like to know more about the options available.

Promotional Kit Included

In order to effectively inform your clients of your new service range, a kit including the necessary elements to promote your new equipment is offered.

Please note the technical characteristics are communicated for information only and may be modified at any time.


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