EFB beauté®

Eurofeedback (EFB) Society, founded in 1989, specialise in the design and manufacture of control tubes for the aerospace industry, specially pulsed light tubes. Through their extensive research and development, the French company have diversified their business by producing pulsed light equipment for markets as diverse as fast drying ink or paint, decontamination and phototherapy for aesthetic and medical fields.

System Certifications

EFB have been certified ISO 9001 since 1999, and are also certified ISO 13485 in line with the requirements of the European Directive 93/42/CEE for the production of medical equipment.

ISO13485-2003  – Design, development, manufacture and servicing of Intense Pulsed Light medical devices for dermatologic use.

ISO9001-2008  – Design, development, manufacture sales and servicing of high voltage electronic devices, capacitor charging power supplies and UV pulsed light generators.

ISO13485-2012  – Design, development, manufacture and servicing of Intense Pulsed Light medical devices for dermatologic use.

World Wide Excelence

EFB has demonstrated its know-how for clients in a range of industries including the medical sector and the beauty trade. The reputation of the EFB IPL equipment is recognised around the world.

Among the company’s many achievements, EFB has the world-wide exclusivity for the permanent removal by photo-epilation of white and blond hairs, which could not previously be destroyed by pulsed light.

The EFB research and development team actively explore new technologies in order to continually ensure even greater performance and quality for their products.

EFB beauté®


The Ariane®, Anthélia®, Adéna® and Fluence® IPL devices integrate many of EFB’s registered patents. Their IPL equipment is exported to over 20 countries around the world, the devices are faster, more reliable and offer a considerably higher performance than the majority of equipment available on the market.


The Evolution of EFB beauté®


Leader in the design and manufacture of pulsed light (IPL) equipment for OEM, Eurofeedback launched its first models under its own brand in 2001.


In 2009 Eurofeedback became a member of “Union des Marques du Matériel (UMM)” and actively participate in the development of technical standards for equipment using new technologies in beauty and wellness.


In 2010 Eurofeedback created the subsidiary Eledis Innovation for the distribution of irs IPL around the world.


In 2011 the EFB beauté® brand was created to represent the range of IPL devices manufactured by Eurofeedback, specifically for the beauty and medical sectors.

Eurofeedback was also awarded the trophy for Greatest International Success in 2011.


By 2012 EFB had already registered 17 patents in the field of pulsed light. The IPL devices, designed and manufactured in their factory in Evry (France), projected the company amongst the world’s leading IPL manufacturers.


In 2013 EFB beauté® developed their innovative technology further in response to market demand by launching a range of user-friendly IPL devices offering integrated software for client follow through and user statistics.


In 2015 EFB beauté® launched RAFALE Technology that enabled dark hair to be removed on sensitive and tanned skin, anytime of the year, with an applicator producing up to 1 million flashes. EFB beauté® also started with the GSM system in 2015.


In 2016 EFB beauté® launched Fluence® and created their own Total Protection IPL eyeglasses; the only eyeglasses that filter all light both on Rafale and Classic mode (patented eyeglasses). 2016 was also the birth of the CONNECT system with the remote top-up of applicators.


EFB beauté® equipment is commercialised by Eledis Innovation, subsidiary of Eurofeedback.
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