eyeSlices target puffiness, dark circles, tiredness, redness and wrinkles all-in-one PLUS a pampering Me-Time & Spa@Home experience.
Suitable for all ages and skin types.


Look Younger for Longer

Your eyes are the focal area of the face. They give away your age, your health and your mood! With eyeSlices we guarantee that you will not only look, but feel, more radiant, confident and more youthful with a daily 5 minutes of me-time with eyeSlices.


Fits Your Routine

5 Minutes of Me-Time a Day guarantees results! Use eyeSlices either mornings or evenings daily as it suits your routine. Store your eyeSlices next to your bed in easy reach. At bedtime: use for 5 minutes before your reading time to relax tired eyes and de-stress. In the Mornings: use as a 5 min wake up call with your coffee to refresh your eyes for the day ahead. Showering after that will not affect the results.


A Trusted Brand

Award winning, patented and sold in top spas all over the world since 2006. The technology & manufacturing process was developed over more than 10 years and is globally unique.


A Story to Inspire

Entrepreneur Kerryne Krause-Neufeldt spent over 10 years developing eyeSlices through blood, sweat and tears! “I wanted to create something of value, not a gimmick! I use my own product every day of my life, and use my story to inspire and help other entrepreneurs!”


All-in-One Solution

eyeSlices target puffiness, dark circles, tiredness, redness and wrinkles all-in-one PLUS a pampering Me-Time & Spa@Home experience. Suitable for all ages and skin types.


Guaranteed results

We suggest you take a before selfie and one again after 10 days and 28 days. You will see the difference guaranteed! ​ All our before and after photos are real people, untouched, non-photo-shopped and self submitted. We know our products work if you use them!



How to Use

How to use your eyeSlices in 5 simple steps!

  1. 1

    Prepare your skin to receive and absorb all the ingredients in the gel pads by removing any moisturiser, make-up, or sunscreen off your skin.

  2. 2

    There is a flat side & a slightly curved side to the pads. The flat side sticks best to the skin! Remove the slices from both layers of packaging & apply by gently pressing them into the eye contours. It might take a few seconds to get used to moulding them into your unique eye contours. As they warm up from your body heat they mould & stick even better.

  3. 3

    Taking 5 Minutes a day of me-time to de-stress can only be beneficial! Meditate/ pray/ fantasize/ catch a cat nap! eyeSlices® will leave you feeling relaxed, restored & revived!

  4. 4
    Store for re-use

    Place the slices back into the clear base & lid & THEN into the sachet or clam & SEAL. Both layers of packaging prevent the slices from drying out too quickly. Once opened, you need to get your 10 uses out of them within 30 days of opening, but that won’t be a problem as we suggest a daily use of them! Store next to your bed or toothbrush at room temperature. Only refrigerate if you want an extra cold sensation (summer only)! They are cooling even without a fridge!

  5. 5

    Only moisturise after your 5 minutes of eyeSlices® time. We also suggest a good sunscreen daily. Dehydration is one of the top causes of ageing so remember to drink your two litres of water a day! There is no need to add an extra eye cream to your eyeSlices® routine, though there is no harm in doing so after use!



Introduction to eyeSlices® for your Spa

How to Include eyeSlices® into your treatments

The Spa Range Overview

Safety and Testing

The Ingredients in the Professional Range

eyeSlices Technology





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