Patented Technology

The active work of the Research and Development division of EFB has led to the filing of 24 patents to date on pulsed light. Among these patents, 18 are for IPL. This technology is implemented today in every single EFB beauté® device models. Below are some examples of the patents held by EFB beauté®.

Patent on white hair photoepilation.

Patent on Energy System Regulation, a system that compensates the energy level, ensuring a constant power from the first to the last flash.

Patent on their Absorption Filter to maximise efficiency and provide constant security.

Patents on the hand-piece to prolong its life, increase safety and ease of use.

White Hair Photoepilation Patent

The standard process for the photoepilation of dark hair is not effective for the removal of white and blond hair because the latter does not absorb any light. A new technology was therefore developed and clinically tested by EFB in 2004 then patented* in 2005. This technology is exclusively reserved to the users of EFB beauté®* equipment; the Anthélia® range for the medical sector, and Ariane® and Adéna® for the beauty sector.

All research, tests and techniques used enable EFB beauté® to maintain a significant technological advantage in the market.

* NB: copying and counterfeiting is reprimanded by 3 years of imprisonment and a fine of 300 000€.

Georges Safraoui

EFB Advanced Research Manager


The “Visiting Card”

In order to enable the reliable measurement of energy supplied by IPL equipment, EFB have developed and patented a joulemeter in a visiting card format weighing just a few ounces.

The joulemeter (which surprises with its simplicity) offers an objective way to measure the true fluence of flashes emitted by the various machines available on the market.
This product enables users to check the true level of energy and the stability of light energy generated by flash lamps. Thanks to this tool, you are at last able to observe the difference between the excellent stability of energy ensured by EFB beauté® machines and by the others.

It is important to note that the light energy generated by IPL equipment is an essential condition for performance but not sufficient to ensure successful treatment on its own. Other parameters, such as the duration of the flash, are very important; the duration must be close to the Thermal Relaxation Time targeted.

In EFB beauté® machines, all treatment parameters have been optimised, tested and preprogrammed, in order to guarantee an excellent efficiency in treatment including: photodepilation, photorejuvenation, photosensitivity and anti-age.

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