Online Workshops

Advance Needling Workshop


Attend our online practical workshop and learn everything you have always wanted to know about needling….and more..

– What are you needling?
– Why are you needling?
– Where to needle?
– How to Needle?
– How much to needle?
– When to Needle?
– What exactly happens in the skin when you needle
– What to use for your needling?
– What is the correct depth for which treatment?
– How to PREP your client BEFORE Dermal Needling?
– Post Needling prescription of home care
– A closer look at the ever-important wound healing cascade
– No no no Acids
– No no no LED
– 4 weeks vs 6 weeks = What is too early? When is too late?
– Sensational amount of information all in one unique day!

Take Your next step in Dermal Needling,
The first time in the world these new leading techniques will be taught.
– Fine lines
– Lip plumping
– Raising pigmentation
– Mesotherapy vs Collagen induction vs Scar reduction vs Stretch marks treatmentsYou will receive:
– New skills and knowledge to take your Dermal Needling business to the next level
– plus Certificate of attendance
* You will receive your attendance details via email 3 days before the event.

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