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Welcome to a brand new way of doing your future salon treatments. We designed and formulated 3 innovative systems for hands feet and body that would guarantee results. How? We selected maximum actives and although we never compromise on a terrific experience, our aim is to create results.

Our MediHeel Pedicure is a premium system, with 8 targeted steps allowing you to focus on your needs, whether it be heel fissures, bacterial infections, dry feet, nail fungus or painful and tired feet. The range caters for specific needs as well as a regular treatment.

Our MediHand Manicure is also a premium system with 5 targeted steps specifically designed with UV protection in mind. The steps all include UV blockers to protect your hands against harmful rays of UV lamps, outdoor UV rays while driving or exercising. The MediHand Manicure takes care of discoloured nails, dry and injured cuticles, ageing on the hands and dark spots.

BodyScience is our Soapless revolution that aims to protect the natural oils of the body with our elasticity enhancement range. The system encourages the elimination of soap as a cleanser and is a preventative system for stretch marks. This range has proven successful stretch mark elimination during pregnancy, puberty growth spurts or for weight training clients, prone to stretch marks.

Elim Natura, a vegan, cruelty free range for the whole body. Includes a Soapless experience, encourages self massage and has a full exercise enhancement range that can be used during Yoga, Pilates or while in the Sauna.

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