EyeSlices – 30 Day Retail Starter Pack x3

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3 x 30 Day Retail Starter Packs
Each Starter Pack Includes:
  • 1 pair multi use eyeSlices (10 uses)
  • 1 Refill Pack with 2 pairs MULTI use slices (20 uses)
  • 1 Storage clam
  • 1 FREE sleep mask
  • 1 Free Podcast download

Use for 5 min up to 10 x. Store them back in both original layers of packaging or in your storage clam between each use.

Results: within 10 days expect to see and feel the difference to the following lifestyle symptoms tired eyes, dry eyes, redness, puffiness, skin hydration and firming

Targets puffiness, dark circles, tiredness, redness & wrinkles all in one.

Just 5 minutes of eyeSlices a day will not only restore the vitality & vibrance of your eye area, but reduce the affects of ageing. You can choose to just use them on the odd occasion (they still give great results), but committing to just a few minutes every day will turn back the clock and keep you looking younger for longer.

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