Brilliance LED Mask


Brilliance LED Face Mask

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Tech Feature and Main Function:

+3 Photon light:

Red light: wavelength 630nm/192 LEDs activate cells, Stimulate the production of collagen,remove wrinkles, Eye pouch and fine lines,Anti-Aging and Antioxidant.
Blue light: wavelength 415nm/192 LEDs ,reduce inflammation,remove acne,balance skin oil and moisture,Reduce Pore Size
Infrared Light: wavelength 830nm/192 LEDs,muti-function,promote skin metabolism.
Clean the skin pores,effectively eliminate toxins in deep skin, reduce pigmentation, prevent acne etc.
Purple Light: Combined with red light and blue light.

+Galvanic/Microcurrent: Penetrate nutrition in deep skin,Reproduce skin luster,elasticity and health.

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