DermaPro 3S-1 Professional Photographic Skin Analyser

Professional Photographic Skin Analyzer / Skin Scanner with powerful skin analysis software.

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Youth Beauty DermaPro3S

Take the guesswork out of your Skincare prescriptions with advanced skin analysis facial photography.

Advanced skin analysis with facial photography = In-depth and accurate understanding of your clients skin = Optimal results
Measures & records surface & subsurface skin conditions

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The DermaPro 3S now allows you to go beyond the surface of the skin and what your eye can see. Discover the truth about your clients skin with the new way of doing Skin Health Checks, the scientific way, to truly understand and treat their skin. The DermaPro 3S does this fast and highly scientific feedback is supplied to both salon and client. All of the data is stored for future reference and the software will chart progress between the historical and current data. The skin analyzer takes the guesswork out of prescription. Giving you and your client peace of mind.

The DermaPro 3S is based on advanced optical technology, allowing the photographic image capturing in three different light conditions, as well as multi-spectral analysis of epidermis and dermis.

A quick scan will not only tell you and your client all about their skin in terms of how rough their skin is, how deep their wrinkles are and what degree of sun damage and redness they have; it will also help store these images for future comparison and prescription.
Now you can transform your business through increased education and evidence to your client. Offer advanced and effective treatment solutions to your client’s skin with Dermal needling, IPL, peels, Skincare etc and see the proof that they work by measuring the improvement over time.


  • Benefits of the novel, state of the art full digital skin analysing technology:
  • The DermaPro 3S offers your clinics a significant marketing capability not previously available in your industry.
  • Higher conversion rate to treatments.
  • Higher clients’ retention.
  • Customer satisfaction. Clients will now know that any procedure they are undertaking is being effective, leading to greater customer satisfaction and confidence.
  • Using the DermaPro 3S offers the ability to measure and accurately quantify levels of sun damage, texture of the skin and depth of wrinkles before, during and after a variety of procedures involving – amongst others – IPL’s, peels and Dermal Needling.
  • The DermaPro 3S is compact and portable allowing ease of use in a variety of locations.
  • The state of the art graphics show images of exceptional quality that both aesthetician and client will find compelling.
  • Being able to accurately analyse the skin assists a business significantly, and allow yourself to become experts in prescribing best treatment and product protocols
  • The ability to view and print reports.


Features of the safe industry proven full face skin scanner and analyzer:
Easily demonstrate actual skin condition and develop more targeted treatment programs.
Quickly show skin improvements both before and after skin treatment, track treatment progress and outcomes effectively over time.
Directly test the quality of Skincare and treatments.
Register, search, and save client analysis record information for future comparisons.
Isolate skin target zones for more detailed analysis.
Generate professional reports for both quantitative and subjective analysis of skin conditions.
Detailed and demonstrative information instructs client to fix their skin concerns. (You supply the data for your skin care product or service range).


DermaPro 3S allows you to view your clients’ images in 3 different light spectrum conditions:
White light (RGB) 7200K
UV light
Polarized light (PL)
Clearly see areas of UV spots that indicate sun damage, redness, wrinkles, texture, pores, bacterial content and skin tone variations

Measure the improvement before & after a treatment.
This feature makes the comparison between “Before & After” images immediate and easy. Would you like to prove the reduction of melanin to your client? Simply tile the “Before & After” images, select the areas of interest and view the results in graphic form. It will be satisfying for your client to see a 55% reduction in melanin concentration, rather than relying on an uncertain visual judgement.

Create a report of treatment results for your clients.
Improve the communication with your clients by providing them with a detailed analysis of treatment results. Use images and data in graphic form to plan new treatments. Prove the efficacy of your work over time and increase the satisfaction level of your clients. A happy customer will return.

Keep a visual record and data archive of your treatments.
Create and maintain a history of your clients’ treatments. Keep a record of your treatments to prove their results and for medico-legal purposes. It will also help you to deal with forgetful clients!

Technical Information

Image Capture White light (RGB) 7200K
UV light
Polarized light (PL)
Image Sensor Canon Brand High Quality Camera
Resolution Two models – Deluxe= 15MPix or Classic =12 MPix
Data Port USB2.0
Video OutPut Mode NTSC/PAL
Preview Mode 16:9
Software Platform Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1
Image Analysis Manual & Automatic
Report Item Skin Texture, Pore size, Wrinkles,  Sensitivity, Acne, Pigmentation etc.
Power 80W
Weight 12Kg



Comprehensive skin analysis – a powerful sales tool for modern beauty salons –  Article written for Beauty Tech Magazine 2014 by Ilse Vermeulen.   To read article click here

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