Laser Safety (AU) – Core of Knowledge – Laser Safety Supervisor (LSO) Level 5


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This Online Laser Training Level 5 course is intended for individuals intending to assume the role of Laser Safety Officer/Supervisor in a clinic or practice that uses laser or high output light sources.
The role of Laser Safety Officer/Supervisor is one of the most important responsibilities in an organisation that uses laser and intense pulsed light sources; to uphold the highest standard of laser safety.
Your commitment to safety and enforcement of safety policies will prevent injuries.
This course had identical presentation content to the level 4 course, however a series of more complex examinations is undertaken, along with a series of multiple choice and mandatory assignments that must be completed. These include the creation of safety policies and procedures, incident reports, check lists, Local rules documentation,etc, Sample documents are provided for you to review.

This version of the course is for Australian learners. 

Prerequisite for this course is a recognised Core of Knowledge (Level 3 or 4) course for operators or device users. 

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