EFB beauté®


Polychromatic pulsed light (PPL), generally known as IPL (Intense Pulse Light), offers a wide range of applications due to the scope of its light ray and the different filtering possibilities.

The Process

For lasting photoepilation the light ray is absorbed by the melanin in the hair and for rejuvenation treatment it is absorbed by the hemoglobin.

The light is transformed into heat which, depending on the temperature reached, either stimulates the production of collagen or, at higher temperatures, provokes a coagulation of the protein for photoepilation treatment or the reduction in capillary redness.

Lasting Photoepilation

The intense pulsed light can be used on fair and dark skin and, for lasting photoepilation, on all skin tones – phototypes 1 to 6 (Exclusively using the Anthélia® range).


Anti-ageing, phototoning, reduction of blemishes and redness. 
For anti-ageing treatments the pulsed light provokes a natural reactivation of collagen and elastin in the skin. Treatment is painless and risk free for the face and body.


For medical applications 
Exclusively using our Anthélia® machine, intense and instantaneous light is diffused over the body in order to treat acne without any secondary effects.



The EFB beauté® pulsed light enables the treatment of acne*, vascular lesions* and pigmentary lesions* on all patients (men and women of all skin tones*), while also offering photoning and anti-age treatment for the face and body.

Offering the advantages of patented technology, the EFB beauté® flash lamps are able to ensure the lasting photoepilation not only of dark hair, but also blonde and white hair.
* Treatment available on medical equipment and in respect of local legislation in the country concerned.

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