General Details
A range of 6 dermato-aesthetic treatments
  • Lasting photoepilation of dark and brown hair, on fair and dark skin
  • Reduces excessive hairiness in conditions such as hirsutism and hypertrichosis
  • Permanent photoepilation of blond and white hair
  • Painless hair removal on tanned skin
  • Phototoning and anti-age
  • Vascular and acne treatment
  • Pigmentary treatment

The Anthélia® pulsed light, polychromatic light filtered of all ultraviolet rays (UVA, UVB and UVC), generates a totally natural reactivation of collagen and elastin. The treatment is painless and risk free for the face and body.

This new technology, which has considerably evolved over the last ten years, is the know-how of EFB, the French manufacturer and market leader since nearly twenty years

Owner of more than seventeen patents concerning pulsed light since 1994, the French designer and manufacturer EFB has become a key actor on the medical aesthetics market since 2005.

Diversify your medical activity

The new generation of Anthélia® Pulsed Light enables the treatment of acne, vascular lesions, and pigmentary lesions for all patients (men and women), while ensuring phototoning and anti-age treatment for the face and body.

Offering the benefits of unique and exclusive patented technology, Anthélia® is able to ensure not only the lasting photepilation of black and brown hair, but also of white and blond hair (on all skin tones).

Anthélia® can treat every kind of skin colour.

  • Efficient treatment, with high-performance and excellent reputation relayed by media.
  • Certain treatments available for Anthélia® can exclusively be performed by medical doctors in some countries*.
  • Easy usage for optimal security thanks to the pre-programmed parameters for each type of treatment.

* See applicable legislation in your country.

Progressive and lasting photoepilation

A solution offering personalised treatment on all zones of the face and body, even on ingrown hairs.

Thanks to the safe red filter, only the hair is impacted by the flash. The sensation on the skin is painless.

Rapid, precise treatment of all zones thanks to a large quartz of 7,5 cm² and a treatment speed of up to 1 flash every second.

Preprogrammed Treatments; equipment manufactured in an organisation certified ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 satisfying French and European quality constraints and awarded CE Medical certification under the directive 93/42/CEE.
A simple, ergonomic keyboard enabling the selection of the appropriate care parameters with no risk of error.

Guaranteed Performance
Eliminate unwanted hair lastingly in just 4 to 8 sessions for your greatest satisfaction! Thanks to the patented process which ensures an optimal stability of fluence (joules/cm²), Anthélia® provides efficient and precise treatment.


High-performance non-invasive treatment
With its secured yellow filter, the beam of light acts on the epidermis and the superficial dermis.

  • The usage of Anthélia®:
    Pigmentary marks: eliminates superficial blemishes and harmonizes skin tone.
  • Photoning and anti-age : stimulates the production of collagen to offer the skin new elasticity.
  • Capillary redness: the selective photocoagulation of micro-variscosities causes their contraction followed by their natural elimination.

Rapidly visible results
Anthélia® guarantees optimal results for you, in full safety, without pain and with visible results from the first session. With a quartz surface of 3.5cm², each session will last just 10 minutes.


Anthélia® is manufactured in an organisation certified ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 satisfying all French and European quality norms and regulations, notably in accordance with the directive 93/42/EEC. The Anthélia ST EFB Beauté® IPL model is CE certified and destined for beauty professionals.
The Anthelia Med EFB Beauté® IPL model is a medical device of class IIb is officially validated by the notified body SGS.
Before any use of this medical device, it is recommended to read the operator’s manual.

Technical Specifications
Compatible applicators HR, SR HR, RHR, SR
Maximum preset programs 54 74
Screen Soft keyboard 10,4″ colour touch screen
Customer tracking and statistical software Yes
Filtration Absorption optical filter patented
Water Filter
Absorption optical filter patented
Water Filter
Cooling system Water Water
Water cooling system Yes Yes
Electrical requirements 230/115/100V AC +/-10% 8/16A, 50/60Hz 230/115/100V AC +/-10% 8/16A, 50/60Hz
Size 37 x 54 x 97 cm  37 x 54 x 97 cm
Weight 46 kg 46 kg
 Certification Medical CE 0120 CE
Anthélia® Photoepilation
of dark hair
of dark hair with Rafale mode
Photorejuvenation and
photoepilation of white hair
Applicator HR (standard) RHR (optional) SR (optional)
Fluence 12 to 24 J/cm² 4 to 6 J/cm² 6 to 23 J/cm²
Surface treated per flash 7.5 cm² 7.5 cm² 3.75 cm²
Wave length 610 nm to 1100 nm 610 nm to 1100 nm 475 nm to 1100 nm
Phototypes 1 to 6 1 to 6 1 to 4
Comfort option(1) “fair hair” 530 nm to 1100 nm
Comfort option(1) “dark skins” 650 nm to 1100 nm
Maximum rate  Up to 1 flash per second Up to 3 flashes per second Up to 1 flash per second
Pulse duration  2 to 100 ms  2 to 10 ms  2 to 50 ms
 Pulse type  Mono and multi pulse Rafale mode  Mono and multi pulse
 Preset programs  30 24  20
Lifetime of lamp  30 000 to 60 000 flashes
depending on the model
 1 000 000 flashes 30 000 to 60 000 flashes
depending on the model

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